The marble slab is like a canvas: Whether it's interior or exterior, the work you choose will tell you and your company. Rustic and warm the surfaces made from the bushhammer; elegant and refined polished ones; informal and subtle atmospheres made by sandblasting.

lavorazione della pietra e marmo

Our type of machining are:

  • BUSH-HAMMERED:To achieve this effect, a hammer known as "bush" was used in the past, from which the name. This is a mechanical machining, carried out today with a plate and rotating heads that "snap" the stone and give the plate an irregular surface.
  • BRUSHED:Subtracts a layer of marble and returns a glossy and shiny surface. The preliminary stages of grouting and planing will permanently remove the signs of time and wear, allowing this work to bring the material back to its original splendor. The result obtained can be further enhanced in terms of brightness through polishing.
  • POLISHED:Best known among the treatments, it offers the material gloss and refinement, smoothing off the surface and shutting off any pores and microsolts. From an exquisitely aesthetic point of view, emphasis will be on tones, colors and shades, making the polished marble the ideal component for interior flooring and quality furnishings and an impressive glance.
  • POINTED:Fully manual machining, made by operators using a pointed hammer. The repeated blow of the hammer draws on the plate of uniformly distributed roses, protagonists of the harmonious plot.
  • BURRATTATO:Among the most effective methodologies for obtaining non-slip plates, it is also used in surface and monument restoration operations, so that it can be thoroughly cleaned without having to resort to more invasive or aggressive techniques. Aesthetically, it gives the material a uniform roughness, perfect for outdoor items but also for warm and informal interior.
  • COMBED:Parallel lines, side-by-side and equidistant, cut off the stone, giving the material a secure visual impact, imaginative possibilities of use and approach. Usually, the effect is obtained through the use of diamond disks.
  • BRUSHED AND FLAMED:Made with high temperature oxidative flames, this work gives roughness to the surface, immediately visible to the touch and sight. Ideal for external coatings, it is technically used to make the treated material non-slip.
  • RAW:Ideal for coatings and outdoor furniture. With a strong aesthetic value, it has a vivid and irregular surface, able to show from the inside - following the lines that compose it - the most authentic story of the material in question, without any mediation.
  • POINTED:Fully manual machining, carried out by operators with the help of a hammer and a bit of steel, type "chisel". The hammer energy beat on the tip achieves this striking effect, made by transverse lines on the material.

Types of projects

bocciardato grana fine
bocciardato grana media
bocciardato grana grossa
lavorazione levigato
lavorazione lucidato
lavorazione piconato
lavorazione burrattato
rigato fine
rigato grosso
fiammato spazzolato
lavorazione grezzo
lavorazione puntillo