la pietra di apricena

Leggieri Marmi is the story of consolidated tradition. The Company was born on 1969 but the family has been active in the marble industry since 1950, and today represents the fourth generation.

The raw material, Apricena Stone, limestone and stratified, also know as “ Trani Stone” represent the point of excellence of the Apulian and national stone sector. Famous and admired by many foreign countries are the shades of color that the particular type of material gives to derived products, from beige to ivory to rosé, crossed by veins.
Whether we are curbs, bases, floors, fountains, burials or planters, we have been working stone with wisdom, respect and passion for years, boasting partnerships in all regions of Italy and multiple collaborations with public administrations in terms of furniture and urban redevelopment.

The precious interaction with logistics companies also guarantees us the ability to send our materials all over the national and European territory in a very short time.

Tradition and Innovation

since 1969


For three generations, the best ally in marble processing for interior and exterior.


Private and pubblic administration across Italy have already entrusted us.


The ancient knowledge combined with technologies, with logistics service that can get anywhere.

Processing steps

Bright and polished for tones and uses, the marble that comes to your homes is the ultimate synthesis of the various stages of transformation of matter. From the extraction, decisive, if we count that the names of the typologies in which it is ranked derive from the layers in which this operation occurs. The dock, as is known, is one of the most prestigious in Europe and, from here, after careful selection, the marble blocks reach the places where they will take the forms we know most.

Once the irregularities are eliminated, in fact, we will proceed to the division into slabs, through the strict precision and cutting of diamond wires or blades. Finally, polishing (or resination) will ensure the sheet uniformity and strength, making it the perfect palette on which to make the machining required by the customer.